Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Extended Vacation part 2

Jesse finally got to Temecula and we enjoyed the rest of the weekend together with even more family time. We ate more than we probably should have that's for sure. PJ's new Kinect kept us entertained especially when we played sports on it boys vs girls. Easter was wonderful as usual. We had a big family dinner at the Finlayson's, then headed over to the Eichelberger's for a turkey dinner, and then on to the Arenas' for a steak dinner. We stuffed ourselves with amazing food and I was sung to twice for my birthday. Monday was my 23rd birthday and Jesse and I had to drive back to Provo so he could make it to classes. Driving all day on my birthday was not ideal, but long road-trips with Jesse always make me laugh. He got me In N' Out for lunch and Zupas for dinner. Tressa and Kira brought us yummy cupcakes and movies that night when we got home. It was a perfect birthday and I can't complain because I basically had a three week birthday at home where my parents spoiled my rotten. Tonight is the real celebration and I can't wait.
Emily, baby Mason, me, Paige
He always is so cheerful for pictures
My birthday drive home
It's still freezing here in Provo. I was hoping it would be warm by the time I got back...no such luck. Note to self: never choose to live in a state where it gets this cold and snows.

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  1. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!! I was meaning to text you all day on Monday and my stupid self kept forgetting. But I hope you had a fun road trip and had fun celebrating a day that gets to be all about you :) (i love birthdays for that reason)