Monday, July 25, 2011

Pioneer Weekend

This weekend has been jam packed with fun. Friday we had a family BBQ for the Pulsiphers complete with steak, ribs, and fireworks. Saturday we spent the day at the Provo and Spanish Fork farmers markets. We enjoyed the old car shows, ate tacos, Thai food, fresh cherries, and flavored honey sticks. I've decided that some of the tastiest meals are right from the local farmers markets. Sunday was a great day at church and then we had dinner with Kyle and Collette where Jesse made his famous hot wings for dinner. I'm always surprised at how many wings those boys can eat. Today Jesse has the day off from school so we took advantage and slept in and now we are going to venture out into the warm weather.
Nothing better than fresh cherries on a summer day
This week will prove to be filled with scorching hot weather and lots of family togetherness. We are cleaning and packing the next two days to prepare to hit-the-road Wednesday afternoon. We are so excited to be river bound.

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  1. I love reading your blog! You guys are soooo cute! Some day I will work on the blog you tried to start for me. I said Some Day!!!