Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm drawing a blank and feeling uninspired to blog lately, but since I use it as my journal I force myself to not get out of the habit of writing. Lately I've been busy with errands everyday and getting my substitute teaching applications in. Jesse is busy with school and exercising, and then we usually do something outdoors a couple times a week together at the end of the day. I can honestly look back on this summer and feel that we fully took advantage of the outdoors, hot weather, beautiful scenery, and endless canyons. We all know I'm not a fan of Utah, but the summers here are gorgeous and everything looks like a painting and it ALMOST makes it worth living here. I'd love to live in a state that is this gorgeous, but isn't land-locked.

A stroll along the mountains we took one evening
Our hike to Battle-Creek Falls

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  1. I have uninspiring days too! But sometimes a little getaway a bloggy break is the best medicine! Love your fun photos!