Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekly Highlights

This week has been filled with highlights and it ain't over yet! Loved and looking forward to:

1. The hubs and I went to the Mount Timpanogos temple to do sealings. I hadn't done sealings since our wedding day and I honestly got choked up as the memories of our sealing came flooding back.
2. I finally went and got a massage with the gift card Jesse got me for our anniversary and man was it HEAVENLY. My masseuse, Gary, gave me the best massage I've ever had and he served his mission in the same one Jesse did (only 25 years before Jesse). It's a small world!
3. Date night tonight!!! We are gonna grab some food and head over to the Harry Potter premiere. Hopefully the movie lives up to Jesse's standards and gives him closure. I think he is a little bummed that his life of reading Harry Potter books and watching the movies is ending.
4. Cousin Emma comes tomorrow and we are gonna show her a good time since there is such a myriad of things to do in Provo (sarcastic...I think so!)
5. Jesse and I came to an executive decision to roadtrip-it down to the Conley family annual river trip this year. We weren't going to go because it isn't financially the smartest decision at this point in our lives, but you only live once...so who needs to be financially smart. haha totally kidding. But seriously family memories are more important and lasting than a little financial stress now and again. That is the best lesson I have learned since I emerged into adulthood.
6. Oh and I got to spend some time in the sun with the hubs at the pool this week. We all know I am not the best swimmer and once again that was blatantly obvious during our swimming time at the pool. It's a little...I mean A LOT....embarrassing when your spouse starts to teach you swimming strokes in the pool at the ripe age of 23. I think I'll survive with my perfected doggy-paddle.

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