Saturday, August 13, 2011

I did it! I interviewed and was offered a full time teaching position at Reagan Academy in Springville. I will be teaching math and language arts to second and fourth graders. I am definitely intimidated by the position mostly for the fact that teachers get a whole summer to prepare for the school year and I am getting one week. Needless to say I am already a stress case, but definitely feel blessed because I know how hard it is to get a teaching job right now. Monday starts my week of teacher training, so this weekend is my last weekend without having teaching responsibilities. Knowing that, Jesse and I took our time to enjoy being outdoors. Friday we ate at Jdawgs and then hiked to the grotto in Payson. Today we went to the Hogle Zoo and then took the scenic route home through Big Cottonwood Canyon, which is on my list for most beautiful drives. Holy Cow it was gorgeous with majestic rock faces and hundreds of thousands of pine trees. We found a secluded lake and witnessed a ginormous moose bathing in it. It has been an incredible weekend and I know my weekends will be more stressful and busy in the future, but I'm going to make a promise to myself that I will take time to do one thing a weekend that will slow down my pace so I can enjoy my "me-time" and time with the hubs. I don't think I'll survive without it.
My favorite zoo creature:
I couldn't stop laughing when Jesse climbed into this turtle shell. He looked like a real turtle.
The Grotto
Hold on to your's gonna be a crazy year and we'll see where it takes us.


  1. Congratulations, I am so happy for you! Those grades are so much fun!

  2. congrats brit!!!! im so happy for u!!

  3. Dang, I'm so sad we missed out! Your day blew ours out of the water ;)