Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day weekend has been filled with activities. Friday night we had our ward camp-out in Heber that Jesse put together. It was so fun to bond with our ward and enjoy the outdoors. Saturday we browsed around the mall, grabbed pizza for dinner, and watched a movie on the memory foam in the living room. Sunday after church we had family dinner and then went on a long bike ride and played an intense game of Catch Phrase with a bunch of friends. The wives won and hubbies lost! Today I had a girls lunch with Paige and Kira and we did a little shopping after. Our night ended with Brick Oven pizza with Devin and Trav and an episode of Bachelor Pad. Successful weekend? I think so!
I'm loving my evening rides on Sunday Lovely (my trike). Evenings around 7:30 have become my favorite time because it's still light outside, but it has cooled off and is perfect for a leisurely bike ride.

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  1. britt. where did the bike come from? seriously. i need it. adorable!!! xoxo