Thursday, September 1, 2011

We have a new addition to the family and no I'm not pregnant. I've been wanting an adult trike for a while and decided with my new income from teaching that it would be my Christmas present this year. Jesse found this antique trike on KSL for super cheap and we jumped on it. It was this old, Japanese woman's bike. She drove it around in Japan and carried her children in the back basket. I love that this bike has history and is from Japan (it even has all the original Japanese writing on it). We've been on a few bike rides now and Jesse is in the process of fixing the trike up a bit. With no time to myself anymore and the stresses of teaching it's nice to have therapeutic bike rides with my hubs in the evenings.


  1. brittney you are freakin adorable! i miss you! i will be calling you asap! it has been crazy lately and i'm sure it's been crazy for you too! love you!!!!

  2. Haha that is such a cute bike, and the lady would carry her kids around in the basket?! What a crack up, you look cute on it though!