Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Peak of my day:
-Reading one of my first graders sentence on what they are thankful for. He wrote, "I am thankful for God because He helps me."
-Practicing math flash cards with my first graders and one of the boys kept getting every answer right. So he says, "God is giving me all the answers!" I say, "or you have just been studying really hard." He shrugs his shoulders and says, "It's a mystery."

What was on the Eichelberger menu tonight? Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes with fruit on top and a drizzle of buttermilk syrup. Yum! Breakfast for dinner is always a crowd pleaser.

1 comment:

  1. How cute! One of my favorite moments from student teaching was a boy pointing his finger in the air, "I will not trick or treat on Halloween because Sunday is the Lord's day!" (Halloween was on a Sunday last year.) And those pancakes look delicious by the way, my mouth is watering!