Sunday, November 20, 2011

This weekend I've been cooped up in the house...orders given by doctor Jesse. I got pink-eye from school last week, which is highly contagious so I'm hoping it goes away soon. I did make a few outings this weekend though which kept me sane. Saturday morning we woke up early and drove to Alpine to go to Cabelas, which is a huge outdoor/hunting store. The store is unreal! It has stuffed animals of every kind all over and even an aquarium. I've been eyeing these heavy duty fur moccasins for a while from Cabelas and they finally went on sale so that is why we made the trip. I got the moccasins for under twenty dollars. Unheard of! I've been loafing around in them ever since. This weekend has actually been comical because Jesse has been acting like I have the plague with this pink-eye. He is so scared that he is going to get it, which would be unfortunate because he wouldn't be able to wear his contacts and would have to wear his glasses which he claims poorly affect his depth perception. I personally think he should wear his glasses more often. They make him look sophisticated. Anyways, he has been making me wash my hands constantly and has even been sleeping on the couch so we don't share the same sheets. I have been getting a kick out of this for days because he really is so serious about it. I love my germa-phobe husband and my new cozy moccasins.

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