Sunday, December 4, 2011

This weekend has been quite festive and just the thing to get us in the Christmas spirit. I had my work party complete with BINGO, dinner, a non-alcoholic drink bar, and gift cards on Friday. If I didn't feel like an adult before I definitely do now. Work party screams adulthood. Saturday morning was spent rolled up in a blanket with my hubs on the living room rug followed by a deep clean of the apartment and then setting up our Christmas decorations. This was all accompanied by Christmas songs on Pandora. Later that night we met Emma and Matt at Malawi's for gourmet pizzas and then perused through a Christmas tree lot to find our perfect "Charly Brown" tree. We decorated the tree and now it finally feels like Christmas is near. There is nothing better than playing catch phrase with tons of friends in our cozy apartment with the smell of pine lingering in the air and that's just how we ended our night. Did I mention the night before we snuggled up on the living room rug with Matt and Emma and watched Arthur while sipping apple cider? How could I not love this time of year? It's a daily compilation of all my favorite things.

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