Monday, January 16, 2012

Confessions of our three-day weekend:
- we might have played games every night of the weekend (Mexican Train and Bang)
- we might have driven up to Salt Lake to spend the night with our good friends and ate amazing cheese steaks and then cruised over to Trolley Square for some salt water taffies
-I may or may not have worn my spandex leggings everyday along with my husband's vintage sweater and moccasins. Comfort is my middle name.
-we might have even squeezed in a spa session with friends topped off with Sonic cranberry limeades.
-we definitely had a Rocklet feast with friends followed by a night of Just Dance on the Wii
-we may or may not have gone out with our friends and had a prank night like back when we were single and twelve. The pranks might have included penny tapping and water ballooning pedestrians around campus. Who says you have to be boring, grow up, and go to bed early when you are married?
-we just might have eaten Mexican food twice in one day. Rancheritos breakfast burritos for lunch, and Jesse might have almost cried when I suggested we share one of the ginormous burritos. I definitely made Cafe Rio sweet pork salad that was divine for dinner and we washed it down with iced cokes in our coco-cola glasses.
-to end the weekend you might have seen us enjoying the view of the city and each others' company from Y mountain and then back home cuddling on the couch watching The Bachelor.

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