Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's been a rough weekend for me that has been emotionally and physically draining, but the silver lining in this gigantic size trial I'm going through is that I have wonderful family who support me and a worthy husband who can offer me sweet priesthood blessings of peace and comfort. Despite the low lows of this past year...yes this trial has lasted a year and is still going in my life....I have tried to find simple things to do with my husband to get my mind off myself and my depressed state and onto things that can keep me content for the moment. This weekend I found content in my outing with Jesse and Kira to Park City for some dinner and window shopping and in my drive with the hubs out to Utah lake after church. The lake was frozen over and we even ventured out on it. The husband is doing a puzzle at the kitchen table as we speak and I am wrapped up in the white, fur blanket my grandma gave us for Christmas. I'm just taking things moment by moment because even day by day seems like too big an obstacle.


  1. Well hello friend! I stumbled onto your blog thanks to links posted on other blogs. Gotta love the cyber world. I feel like we should be better friends, so I'm glad for blogs to help foster that :)

    I'm sad to hear you are enduring an ongoing trial. It's true how the simple things can distract you and help you endure. I always feel inadequate offering any help needed - but know that I'm here for whatever. I'm really good at laughing - that sometimes helps...

    P.S. Shane says Jesse can grow some wicked good facial hair. Way to go Jesse.

  2. Love that picture of you and Kira! Hope everything is ok! Loved that last post about teaching, I bet you are an amazing teacher! Now move to Texas so we can be closer :)