Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I got a sweet email from a dear friend who knows the in-and-outs of my personal struggle that I'm fighting through at this point in my life. She sent me this quote in an email and said when she read it she thought it described me. These are the most kind and understanding words I could ever hope for someone to think about me. I really am blessed to have a friend like this in my life along with many others and wonderful family who are praying on my behalf and sending supportive and loving words my way. Those who are closest to me already know the specifics of my trial and therefore I don't feel the need to go public with it at the moment. I also am trying to understand why I (and many others) was given this trial and what I could possibly learn from such defeat and haven't found peace in finding the answers to these questions yet, which is normally the case in great trials. We usually don't know what the lesson is until we are out on the other side of it looking in. Let's just say appreciation for this trial might take a lifetime to gain.

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  1. Hey Brit, I've been reading your blog and I just want you to know I seriously love you! I know we haven't been as close since we've gone to college and gotten married and stuff but i will always consider you one of my closest friends! You are an amazing amazing friend and person and I admire your strength in your situation! I know I don't know much but I just want you to know I'm always here if you need a friend :) Love you girl!!