Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just dumped the pictures off my phone from the last month.
1. My book nook in my classroom
2. Jesse doing what he loves best...puzzling
3. The hubs got my wedding ring and bands fused together. Heavenly!
4. My class' wall of goals for the year
5. The front of my classroom
6. Such an interesting book! I loved every minute of reading it
7. vocabulary pocket chart in my class
8. my classroom again
9. Sushi
10. Jeopardy review game for my 4th graders
Peaks of my month:
-Not having to set an alarm on Friday nights. I can't sleep in anymore, but it's still nice not having a specific time to wake up.
- Getting Sonic cranberry limeades with the hubs
-A late night Wendy's run with Jesse that took me back to my college days and doing the same thing with my besties
- Playing Just Dance and Bang with all our friends every night of the weekend
-Watching The Help and Warrior with good friends (both fabulous movies)
-Date nights with the hubs
- My new grey nail polish that Jesse got me for Christmas
- The new season of the Bachelor

Pit of the month:
-Having to chizzle my car windows everyday before driving to work (note to self: I never want to permanently live somewhere where chizzling windshields is a necessity)
-Having my random bouts of vertigo
-Having no energy and being tired all the time

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