Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well it's about time I posted pictures of our humble abode and first place together. This place holds many fantastic memories and there is still three months left to create more. Then the wind is blowing us to other places for the summer because Jesse is in the process of getting an internship. Man I'm going to miss this place. It has been perfect for us in this beginning phase of our marriage. So here goes the tour:
1. our all white kitchen
2. our picture collage wall that I designed and my hubby did a superb job of hanging
3. the hubs lounging on the couch in front of my favorite feature in our home....the bookshelf that is filled to the brim with my books. Sadly not all my books fit on the shelves and they are being stowed away in a huge bin in the closet. One day we'll have a whole room devoted to an in-home library that will be my sanctuary.
4. the entrance to the bathroom
5. the dining space/kitchen
6.the sunburst mirror I made on a whim
7. the living room
8. our bedroom
9. the bathroom

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