Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Well just in case you were wondering I'm still exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open at work. People have been telling me how tired I look the last few weeks and I'm hoping this weekend will be the cure. My hubby is going out of town for our good friends' wedding and I'm so bogged down I won't be able to make the trip, so my sister is coming into town and I'm planning relaxing festivities like napping, renting movies, and getting take-out to eat. Can't wait! Over the weekend we celebrated Valentine's Day a little early by going out and eating at a Korean BBQ place. It was awesome food! I eat everything and especially love trying new types of food, even though I had had Korean before, and I love that I have a husband that is just as adventurous with food as I am. After dinner we met up with our friends to watch the BYU hockey game. On Sunday we went up to Salt Lake with Matt and Emma and ate and played games at the Hyders. Jackie even game Jesse a haircut and thinned my hair. Hence the nasty picture at the bottom of Jesse using all the hair that was thinned out of my mop as an Afro.

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  1. Britt! I almost DIED at that picture of Jesse! LOLOL! Matt seriously freaks when I take all the hair out of my brush haha!