Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My mom came to visit for a week and in that week she had a sisters' weekend at the Ford's cabin where we got to spend time with my cousins, sister, grandma, and aunts. I love family time! Work has been absolutely hectic especially with parent-teacher conferences last week. I literally worked from 7am to 8pm and I feel like I haven't caught up on much needed sleep since. After my last parent-teacher conferences on Friday my mom treated me to a heavenly pedicure and dinner and that was just the remedy I needed. General Conference took up the rest of our weekend and I felt like many of the talks were directed at me personally. With lots of talks about the lost of a child or being unable to have children I felt that God truly understands my feelings of anger and bitterness that I have to fight off daily. I can't say I didn't shed any tears during President Eyring's talk feeling like a speck of this burden fell off my shoulders knowing the leaders of the church know this trial is very prevalent today and many of them have first hand experience with what Jesse and I are facing. 

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