Sunday, May 26, 2013

I think I have finally hit the normal phase of pregnancy. It took a whole 19 weeks to finally feel like I could function without puking and the last half of this second trimester is so much better. I lost 13 pounds in the first trimester but have now gained that back and then some. The two lowest points of the pregnancy were throwing up in a barf bag on an airplane(note to self: never fly when pregnant) and having to pull over on the side of the road on the way to work and throw up out my door while cars had to swerve around me. These are the "joys" of pregnancy that I'm so grateful I get to experience. I am basking in the uncomfortableness, stretching stomach, weight gain, waddling, and the fact that my life now is planned around scheduled eating times. I finally felt the baby move around 19 weeks and Jesse was able to feel her too. All her movements have been so fun to feel. We had our anatomy ultrasound last week and it is still a girl and she is developing normal and looking strong and healthy. At our 15 week ultrasound her head was under my placenta so we couldn't see her face and last week at the 21 week ultrasound she had her face smash against my back so we couldn't see her face again. She seems to be a little shy and maybe stubborn. After our anatomy ultrasound Jesse and I went to La Jolla Groves and had a delicious dinner to celebrate our healthy baby girl and our 3 year anniversary. Life is good.
(baby bump at 21 weeks)

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