Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2 Months with Conley

Our little lady is one fantastic baby and the second month with her has been just as rewarding and fun as the first. Her stats for 2 months are just barely 11 lbs. 23 1/4 in long. Doc says she is tall for her age, but lean. She's our little string bean.
-she had her 2 month shots and screamed bloody murder, but then fell asleep right after. her thighs were really sore after, but she was a trooper. I was traumatized by the experience.
-she got to meet aunt Paigey, uncle Trav, and soon-to-be aunt Haley for the first time
-she has been out to dinner many times with us, been to aunt Haley's bridal shower, a baby shower, had Grammy watch her while Paigey and I got pedicures, met Santa, had her first Thanksgiving
-she has slept through the night two more times (total of 3 times)
-she only wakes up once in the night now
-she got sick for the first time. . . a respiratory infection including stuffy nose, slight cough, goopy eye, loss of appetite, and extra sleepy
-she is still in her new born clothes on the cusp of fitting into 0-3 month clothes
-she intentionally smiles back at us (that is heaven!)
-she is starting to giggle
-she has pooped through lots of her clothes
-she is finally out of newborn diapers
-she LOVES the TV. we have to turn her head away from it. she's too young for TV 
-she is so strong and loves to stand up with our help for long periods of time. the doctor even commented on how muscular and strong she is.
-she has started sucking on her fists when she doesn't have her binky
-she has started grabbing more. when she is nursing she will grab onto my shirt and that melts me. when you hold her she will also cling onto your shirt.
-she loves music
-she loves to nap on mine and dad's chest

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