Tuesday, December 10, 2013

1 Month with Conley

Time with this babe of ours is going by quickly, but we soak up every minute with her and "oooh and ahhh" over each new milestone and phase she enters. Here are some tidbits about Conley from month 1.
-she has fuzzy ears and back
-she hates being swaddled because she loves to have her arms resting up by her head
-she's a great sleeper and only wakes up twice in the night to be fed and then goes right back to sleep
-she has already slept through the night once
-she is a light sleeper like her momma
-she has really big eyes and gets compliments on them a lot
-she loves to keep her hands balled up into fists
-she could hold her head up from day one
-she could smile from day one
-she is teeny tiny and can only fit in newborn clothes
-she loves her binky
-she is a champion breast feeder (no pain for me) which makes the experience even more glorious
-she loves the car, stroller, and my solly wrap and will fall asleep instantly when put in any of them
-she only cries (it's more of a yell/shout) when she is hungry or pooping
-she loves to be on her tummy. she will curl up chest to chest with you and pull her knees into her chest and have her bum sticking in the air. it's too die for.
-she has really long, full eyelashes like her daddy
-she grunts extremely loud when she is pooping (that wakes me up most nights)
-she has already been on many trips to Temecula to visit family, been to her first bon fire, met lots of our friends, been to dad's basketball games, been to church, the park, the beach, and she got to dress up for her first Halloween

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