Monday, January 13, 2014

3 Months with Conley

-she is constantly chewing on her fingers because she started teething, which has caused our little babe to be more fussy than normal
-her official nickname is bug because of her big bug eyes that she still gets comments on daily
-she loves to stick out her tongue
-she has salmon patches(temporary birth marks) on her eyes, ear, and back of her head
-she can almost roll over all the way
-she fits into 3 month clothes finally
-highlights for this month include: her first Christmas, her daddy gave her a beautiful blessing, she got to meet uncle PJ for the first time, she got to go to uncle Trav's wedding, and the the Getty Museum, she also got to see the lights at Mission Inn
-she still gets the hiccups at least 3 times a day and it creates quite the spectacle in sacrament
-she poops through her clothes often and has even pooped on her mama a few times
-she likes to keep her hands open now which allows her to grab more, especially her mama's hair
-she is miss independent and most of the time when she gets really fussy all she wants is to be left alone in her swing or to lay on the ground by herself
-she can sit in her bumbo now
-she has become super vocal and amuses herself by yelling 
-her personality is starting to shine through and although most of the time she is an easy baby, if she wants something she will definitely let you know
-she loves to be rocked to sleep by her dad (he has the magic touch)
-when left on the ground she can scoot herself around and around in circles
-she hates to fall asleep. she wants to be up partying all the time so when she gets tired she fights it as long as she can. we pray she won't be one of those toddlers who doesn't nap. fingers crossed.

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