Monday, January 13, 2014

Conley's Blessing

Jesse blessed our baby girl over Christmas break on December 22nd. Due to the craziness of the holiday and with Travis' wedding we decided to bless Conley in my parents home with family and a couple close friends. Conley cried hysterically just about the entire night and all the way through the blessing, which I think was because of a combination of her not liking being draped in a huge dress and being overwhelmed by the mass of people that came. Conley wore the dress that my grandma bought for me to wear at my blessing and then my sister wore it as well. It came with dainty lace booties and a bonnet, which there was no chance I was getting that on Conley that night. It was an intimate setting and a unique experience that I will remember forever. It was a special night centered around our little babe that has has so much support from family and friends even before she came to us.

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