Wednesday, April 2, 2014

6 months with Conley

I can't pick a favorite age because every new phase has its perks, but there is so much to love about 6 months. Her stats for 6 months are: 15 lbs 26 1/4 inches
-she started pulling her self up on the crib railing so we had to lower it
-doesn't like to cuddle or be held like a baby
-she will happy shriek for hours and leave mama with a migraine by the end of the day
-she loves grammy's dog Coco and any other dog with long enough hair for her to pull
-she loves to blow spit bubbles between her lips and she thinks it's funny to blow milk bubbles while she is nursing
-she is just barely able to start wearing her 3-6 month clothes
-she can scoot and army crawl forward
-highlights for this month include having her first Easter and having Aunt Paigey and Uncle PJ come home from college
-she has a big freckle on her bum
-she hates to be confined whether it's in her car seat or me hugging her
-she still loves to hang upside-down
-she will scream if she wants something and we don't let her have it (HELP)
-she is an extremely easy baby and as long as she can avoid taking naps and be in the mix of whats going on then she is one happy camper

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