Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Conley starts baby food

Man was this girl ready to start food. She was so interested in everything going on at the dinner table and started reaching to grab our food. I really wanted to hold off til she was 6 months, but we just couldn't. I switched off from veggie to fruit, veggie to fruit. She is a unique babe and surprisingly loved the veggies much more than the fruit. Peas are her favorite and we couldn't shovel them into her mouth fast enough. She has enjoyed all the baby food we have given her, thank goodness. She must get the sense that to survive in our family you have to be a big eater and a lover of all foods. We don't cater to picky eaters. I almost had an emotional break-down starting her on solid foods because I felt like she was getting so old, but I have actually loved watching her discover food and develop her taste buds.

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