Thursday, July 10, 2014

Conley's first Easter

Growing up my memories of Easter are comprised of outfits of pastel plaids, Grandma and Grandpa Conley's big backyard with epic Easter egg hunts, and sliding down the long grassy hills on cardboard boxes behind their yard. I hope my kids get to grow up experiencing just as wonderful things. Conley being our first baby and my parent's first grandchild panned out quite nicely for her. Talk about a spoiled girl. Two Easter baskets overflowing with toys of all kinds. This year we had all of the Conley side over for dinner, basketball, visiting, and a great Easter egg hunt on their fresh new grass. Conley isn't walking unassisted yet and hates grass so the egg hunt was uneventful for us, but I can't wait til next year and so many years to come when my kids and my siblings kids are running around searching for eggs on that lawn. I actually get emotional thinking about those potential memories we will build.

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