Thursday, July 10, 2014

7 months with Conley

-she has really sweaty feet
-she is going through a phase where she has to be with me right when she wakes up in the morning or from a nap
-we started sleep training her at the river this month and by sleep training I just mean not nursing her in the middle of the night. she did great and only cried for a couple minutes the first night.
-she started full-on crawling, but that didn't last long because a day later she learned to pull herself up and walk along everything in sight
-she babbles/talks constantly
-she loves necklaces, purses, and shoes
-she can locate her binky anywhere and put it in her mouth
-she loves Jimmy Fallon and when I watch his show that is the only thing that can keep her still (it lasts for about 3 minutes tops)
-she still hates to nap
-she pants like a puppy and snorts when she gets excited
-major events for Conley this month include: going to the river house for her first time, seeing Uncle PJ open his mission call, visiting her Grandpa George in the hospital after his surgery, meeting her Aunt Liz for the first time, and going in the spa for the first time

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