Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book Reviews

This book honestly was so hard to get through. I took me forever! Obviously you can conclude that it isn't a page turner then. It is supposed to be a classic so I thought I'd read it. I decided I'm not reading classics anymore just for the sake of saying I read a classic because half of the time they are so boring and I can't get through them. So I would not recommend this book.
The Help on the other hand was a page turner and inspiring and enlightening. I loved this book and got through it quickly. I think everyone should read it.
I just finished reading this book and I'm dying to read the second and third book the series. It was amazing. I had been postponing reading it because I hate reading series because they take over my life because you can't just read one and take a break. I end up reading all through the night every night just to see what happens next. Well I'm going through that again with this series, but I'm ok with it because it is so amazing! Love it!!!
Pope Joan is a book that many people have recommended to me lately and I am putting on my list to read right after I finish the Hunger Games series. I'll let you know how it goes. I hear that is a marathon read not a sprint read we'll see.

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