Monday, January 31, 2011

A Taste of India

This weekend was busy, but it was nice getting to spend every minute with Jesse. Between work and school we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like during the week so the weekend is our together time. Saturday we drove to Salt Lake and I went to my cousin's baby shower. After the shower Jesse and I went to Bombay House, which is an Indian restaurant. We met a bunch of his mission companions there. It was nice to get to hear mission stories and the boys were in heaven eating curry and naan bread. They ate a lot of Indian food on their mission and Jesse had been craving it for weeks. It was my first time trying it and I actually really liked it. It's definitely not like any other food I've ever tried, but the flavors were great. On Sunday we attended Jesse's grandparent's mission farewell. Their talks were wonderful and they are such great examples to me of service. This is like their tenth mission they are going on and they get to serve in England. His grandma said in her talk that each mission they go on increases their testimonies and enlarges them for the next mission. I think that is an amazing outlook. What a wonderful way to spend your elderly years. His grandmother's talk was incredible and I got choked up like four times, which means it had to have been good because I rarely cry or get choked up over anything including gospel things. After the farewell we went to my aunt Debbie's house for dinner and that was nice to visit with my aunt and cousins. I love family time and this weekend was filled with it.

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