Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday and the Debut of my Front Bangs

Super Bowl Sunday was a success. We went over to my cousin's house with a bunch of our friends. It was potluck style so everyone brought food. Jesse prepared his famous hot wings and everyone was drooling over them. Too bad I hate spicy/hot food so I didn't get to adore them with everyone else. His wings were the hit of the night. The Packers won which I was happy about and it was a great game overall. We stuffed our faces all night and even played commercial bingo. I also got front bangs this weekend. I have been a chicken my whole life about front bangs because most people look terrible in them, but I got gutsy on Saturday and took the leap of faith... and it worked out in my favor. I love my new bangs and think they are here to stay. I think I have finally found MY haircut.

Jesse cooking up his wings

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  1. BRITTNEY!!!!!!! I can't believe you did it! I am so proud haha they look amazing...keep them forever!