Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Birthday Shout-Out

My baby brother, PJ, turns sixteen this Sunday! Woohoo! He can legally drive and date....the world better watch out. Anyone who knows PJ knows he always has a smile on his face. He is always giggling and keeping things light-hearted. He is a talker once you get to know him, but also has a bashful side. I like to think of myself as the most coordinated one in the family but from his back-flip picture below you can tell he probably takes the crown for that one. He got the supreme good looking genes of the family. He is a great singer and dancer, but won't sing or dance once he knows you are watching because of his bashful nature. He is athletic and great at everything he does. He is smart and we still bring up the glory days when he was in GATE in elementary school. He is a great friend to everyone and always does what's right. I admire and look up to him for his fun-loving personality. All in all PJ is the life of the party and whenever I think about him I get a smile on my face. Happy birthday to my happy-go-lucky little brother whom I absolutely adore to death. LADIES WATCH OUT!

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  1. PJ is not 16. stooooooooooop!!!!!!!It was sooo good talking to you today! sorry I had to go so fast but lets talk again ASAP! love u and your bangs! I think you have inspired me...I might cut some bangs soon...! I love u!!