Monday, February 7, 2011

A Tribute to Travis

The other day I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for the unique siblings I have been blessed with and Travis is no exception. In fact he is definitely the most unique out of the four of us. Day to day life with Travis includes his crazy ideas that make you think he's from outer space, him singing at the top of his lungs to rap songs, quoting Cool Runnings and Heavy weights, and reading Tupac's book. He definitely keeps things interesting. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of my brother, but here is my best effort in honor of his 20th birthday, which is this Thursday, and he gets to spend it in the MTC. I have never heard anyone speak negatively about Travis and everyone enjoys his company. He can't stand judgmental people to say the least. It is really hard not to admire Travis. He is a natural athlete and is fast as lightning. He was blessed to inherit Grandpa Fleckner's genes where he couldn't gain an ounce of fat if his life depended on it. I was looking through my journal and found an entry that I wrote about Travis and the long journey he has been on to find himself and I thought that it encompassed how much I look up to him and how proud I am of him.
" Travis is finally serving his mission! I'm so proud of him. His conviction and conversion to the gospel are what I only hope to gain from a life time of living the gospel. he had to hit his rock bottom and struggle to get a testimony. He fought, studied, and climbed his way back to discover his testimony of Christ and his gospel. He has a testimony that most members yearn to have because he knows what it's like to be without one. He now cherishes what he knows, believes, and has faith in. I think it's a unique testimony that only those who once lost theirs have. "

Despite the heartache I went through watching Travis struggle with the gospel I am grateful he had to go through that because he now stands unwavering as an example to me and what a deeply rooted testimony should look and feel like. I love my brother Travis and am glad I was able to witness his miracle. Happy 20th birthday!!!


  1. How sweet! You sure do love that brother of yours!

  2. I was just reading your blog and was so touched by all the "tributes" to your brothers and sister! YOU deserve a tribute for the many ways you foster love and unity in your family. You are a glue to keep your family close. A shining example too, not just to your brothers and sister, but to my children also. Emma admires you so much and wants to be just like you! You married a great guy and have a great marriage - the example continues and we are so proud of YOU! Thank you for being you. :) Love you girl.