Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Weekend

I got home Friday after work and there were beautiful flowers on the table waiting for me from Jesse. We got ready for the night and Jesse took my to my favorite restaurant...Cheesecake Factory. We went all out and got appetizers and dessert to go with our meals. After dinner we rented a movie and watch it in our cozy apartment. On actual Valentine's Day Jesse got home from class late and I made chicken burgers with homemade French fries. It was a delicious dinner. Then we watched the Bachelor and ate sweets. It was a perfect, extended holiday.

Marrying someone you've wanted to be with since you were 17 is truly a unique thing. It makes me smile everyday knowing that life gets better and better every day that I'm with Jesse. He makes my life more fun and mellow and I love him for that. Feeling and giving unconditional love makes life fulfilling.

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