Monday, February 20, 2012

This weekend was a perfect sister/relaxation time. We ate lots of great food and got to catch up on our busy lives. We went and saw The Vow, which we both loved despite the reviews and the best part of the movie was at the most romantic part a girl in our theater behind us passed gas. This sent Paige and I into a fit of laughter and we had to sprint to the bathroom where we continued to gasp for breath and wipe or tears from laughing so hard. We browsed DI and got plenty of great books to add to my already full bookshelves. I crocheted us scarves and I even convinced Paige to get front bangs, which are adorable on her. Although the girl went a little outrageous with styling her hair. It was so big she looked like she was a Victoria Secret runway model from Texas. I even got to squeeze in a photo session with my beautiful sis. The majority of the weekend was spent touring cosmetology schools to see which one she liked the best. We discussed the pros and cons over Crispy Creme donuts of course. I wish Paigey lived closer, but maybe her choice of hair school will bring her to Utah. Even though my weekend was so fun I do miss my hubby and can't wait for him to get back. Tonight will be spent like it is every Monday night....watching the Bachelor at our place with the Carrolls (hometown dates this week, can't wait!)

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