Sunday, June 3, 2012

I had my camera in my hand the majority of our trip to the Balboa beach house with the Eichelbergers because we had a blast and made so many fun memories that I want to remember. We were overloaded with sun and it's amazing how much happier I am in the sun. The beach was great and the family time was even better. Jesse and I loved on our nieces and nephews all week and it was heaven. We got to go kayaking, biking, and my personal favorites were buying lots of candy at the local candy store EVERYDAY and getting the famous Balboa Bars that reminded me of my childhood. I built closer relationships with my in-laws and realized that smothering my nieces and nephews helps me cope with the pain of not getting to be a parent now. I walked away from that trip finally feeling like myself again. Now we are off to a full week at the river and lots of relaxation time. A summer back home with a supportive family right here with us is already proving to be very healing.


  1. A day at the beach sounds amazing! Your pictures make me feel like I could walk out my door and I'd be there...dang it, I'm still in Colorado. Love your fedora!

  2. Why does jesse have his hair cut like that!?!? I want me some Pedros tacos!!